Copper Slag

Copper Slag Ap

Copper Slag is a by‐product obtained during the matte smelting and refining of copper. It is formed when molten slag is cooled slowly, forming a dense, hard crystalline product. Quick solidification by pouring molten slag into water gives granulated amorphous slag. Quality control is done through systematic control of the smelting process, and testing of composite samples at the in-house as well as independent laboratories. We source Copper Slag from Birla Copper, a unit of Hindalco Industries Ltd. (Aditya Birla Group)..

MIOR Copper slag Quality

Replacing sand by Copper Slag in blasting applications will lead to safer and cleaner dust free environment, gives high quality and high efficiency. It cuts the surface faster resulting into low man-hours requirement and near to white metal finish. As per ISO 8501-1 standard it gives surface Finish Up To SA3, SA‐2½ , SA‐2..

MIOR Copper slag Benefits

Partial replacement of sand by Copper Slag in concrete is allowed up to 10% by mass. Copper Slag has similar properties to sand, and is a very effective substitute during monsoon (rainy) season. Further, Copper Slag is also used in the production of cement, mortar and concrete as a raw material for clinker, cement replacement, coarse and fine aggregates. Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) recommends usage of Copper Slag in road construction and structural fill applications. It is very good substitute of soil for land filling. Copper Slag is also cost-effective compared to soil and helps conserve the environment.

About Copper Slag

Applications of Copper Slag include abrasive blasting, building materials, land filling, road construction, abrasive tools, cutting tools, tiles and glass and roofing granules.